Guest Blog Posts for Other Authors

Here are a few posts I’ve done for the blogs of other authors.

1. Writing about finding home on 9/11 while in Korea for author Arleen Williams

“It was work, living, life, and I even had the thought somewhere over the Pacific with a beer in one hand and a coffee in the other that perhaps I was doing just that, going home.” —read more

2. Writing about music for author Mary Rowen

“I wrote about this in The Music Book, the moments of learning a new song and feeling it take shape, the feeling of creating music and pushing it out into the room, into the world. They’re magical moments, more so even than some of those night on stage when the fans were screaming for one more song. They’re personal moments, perfect moments, where nothing exists but me and the music.” —read more

3. Writing about the challenge to get words down for author Tess Thompson

“It’s a blessing
or a curse,
this need
to get it down.
I’ll let you know which
after the next beer…” —read more


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