Interviews about The Music Book

Here are some of the interviews I’ve done about The Music Book.

1. King 5 New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson

“very successful at transporting [the reader] to that world…captures the power of music…a really entertaining book” –Margaret Larson


2. On the True Fidelity show on NWCZ

“It’s a really cool book.” –Darrell Fortune

Listen here starting at the 15:40 mark.

3. Author2Author on Blog Talk Radio with Bill Kenower

Bill Kenower and Dave O’Leary discuss Dave’s second novel, The Music Book, as well as his life as a Seattle Musician.

Listen to the full interview.

4. On KOMO News Radio with Art Sanders

“O’Leary offers up all the possibilities of the power of sound.” –Art Sanders

Listen to the full interview.

5. Interviewed by book blogger and editor Charlene Davies

“if you’re going to try, go all the
otherwise, don’t even start.

6. Interview with book reviewer Lisa Haselton

“When I was in college at Ohio State, I remember going to B&N and daydreaming about someday seeing my name on the shelves. And then one day it happened. There’s nothing quite like a dream come true.”

7. Interviewed by book blogger Majanka Verstraete

“I started and stopped the book a number of times. I went for a couple months just not sure how to start it, and then one summer day I was at a pub sipping a beer and the idea for the prologue popped into my head. I can’t say why. I wasn’t thinking about it in the moment. I have no idea what I’d been thinking about, but when it came I pulled my laptop out and started typing. From that day, it pretty much all fell into place.”

8. Interviewed by book blog SiMPLiREAD

“The only thing I see myself writing is literary fiction. That’s where my interests area and with the way I want to write and use language and incorporate poetry, it’s the only genre I feel comfortable in. I admire books in other genres and there are plenty of great writers doing other things. Like I said, I admired Tolkien and his imagination, but I’ll never write any science fiction or fantasy stuff. I guess there’s enough magic and terror and love in this world for me to write about that I don’t feel the need to create wholly new worlds.”

9. Interviewed by the Single Librarian

“The hardest part [of being an author] is writing. That’s the joy, too, of course. Sometimes the words flash and soar, but it’s a struggle to face that empty page even when you know what you want to say, but to quote Bukowski, ‘It’s the only good fight there is.’ “

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