The Music Book Reviewed

Here’s a list of some kind things people have had to say about The Music Book.

1. Innocent Words reviews The Music Book

“O’Leary digs deep into the essence and value of a perfectly strummed guitar chord, the power of a hook in the chorus, and how music can lead to moments far more intimate than sex.”

2. Author Ina Zajac reviews The Music Book

“O’Leary’s use of language is poetic; his flow is melodic. I connected with his characters; their dialog was realistic. I loved this book and was sorry when I got to the last page. Sorry because I want more. It’s that same feeling of longing O’Leary tapped into so thoroughly.”

3. Forever Book Lover reviews The Music Book

“The book is quite deep, literary, sometimes even philosophical. [O’Leary] does a great job on the writing, and on making the characters shine and stand out.”

4. SiMPLiREAD reviews The Music Book

“O’Leary is certainly a master of narration – his prose blends so tastefully into poetic recounts at many places, and yet this book gives no impression of being reserved for those with eclectic tastes. The language is a pleasure to read, and the book is hard to put down (I finished it one go, since the moment I started). This is definitely a must-read and I highly recommend it.”

5. I Heart Reading reviews The Music Book

“The prose is, in short, magnificent. The pacing is spot on from start to end, offering an engaging narrative and characters who are realistic and authentic. An unforgettable book, highly recommended to anyone who enjoys literary fiction.”

6. “Dave O’Leary’s The Music Book is the most aptly titled novel since On the Road. Because if it has anything to do with music–or rock music, anyway, the kind that gets played for sparse crowds in dive bars–it’s in here. Passion and frustration. Lyricism and criticism. Beer and bass guitar and barstool banter. And love. Lots of love. The real music in The Music Book is the sound of O’Leary’s heart–beating loud as a kick drum.” –Joe Oestreich, author of Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll

7. “Does 2 plus 2 in fact equal 4, or is there a missing element that can bend reality at any given moment, that can transport you to a different time or place, or perhaps lead to orgasmic ecstasy in the moment itself? Where will this journey lead for the main protagonist: to a fulfilling relationship? to discover the twenty-first century heirs to the Seattle Sound? to overcome personal doubts to create his own timeless art? O’Leary offers up all these possibilities in this masterful tome.”–Stephen Tow, author of The Strangest Tribe: How a Group of Seattle Rock Bands Invented Grunge

8. “The Music Book stretches out patiently at the cusp of real life like a trembling, thought-obliterated fan in a scene-entry dive watching their favorite yet unknown band at the low angle of the stage on a torrid, parched Tuesday night. Will we all make it to a spiritual Friday or Saturday headlining slot? What happens if we do or we don’t? Read The Music Book and deeply understand those stakes, either way.”–Chris Estey, Big Freak Media, Light In The Attic Records, KEXP Blog

9. “If you’ve ever wondered if you could survive very long without music, The Music Book will resonate with you. Set against the backdrop of the post-Nirvana/Pearl Jam Seattle music scene, the story follows earnest, likable music writer Rob through dive bars, trendy clubs, strip joints–even a prison–on an alcohol-enhanced quest for love and answers to questions like what does music add up to? And can it really change things? O’Leary’s style and tone are reminiscent of Nick Hornby’s in High Fidelity.” –Mary Rowen, author of Leaving the Beach


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